Job / by Søren Bjørn-Andersen

So I got a job. I started it a few weeks ago after a nice 5 month holiday.

In other news Parental Units visited before Xmas and Jesper and Gry came over to celebrate New Years with us, so we have sightseing quite a bit lately. New Years or Hogmanay as it is called over here is a huge party in Edinburgh with 80.000 tickets sold for a street party in the city centre on New Years eve.

The job is at a small UK IT company. My title is Service Delivery Manager and I will be responsible for managing around 10 people for now, but going up to 15-20 people at some point. The team is currently located at a customer site, but there are plans for setting up a separate office, enabling us to take in other customers. So I will also spend a lot of time planning this, deciding what processes and tools we will need etc. That should keep me busy for the foreseeable future  . I am very excited about the possibilities in this job! It’s also quite well paid and situated in the middle of central Edinburgh, so not a bad find…

For New Years had dinner at our place and then went up to the center of Edinburgh to see the amazing fireworks display with tonnes and tonnes of fireworks being set of from 2 opposite hills either side of the city. Unlike in Denmark, most people don`t shoot of their own fireworks, so the streets don´t feel like the war zones you find in the center of Copenhagen on New Years.

We have also started teaching a bit of Lindy Hop. It is quite different here compared to Copenhagen, as most classes are drop-in lessons, making it difficult to plan lessons spanning more than 1 week.  I DJ´ed at a Christmas Lindy Hop party as well, so we are not bored  . Oh, and we signed up for beginners Tango lessons in the new year, just to make sure we have no free time at all!

Anna Mie have editing and translation work lined up for most of January and February so she is also kept busy. So if you are planning to visit us, maybe try to aim for a date around March when we will be ready to receive visitors again