Carpet / by Søren Bjørn-Andersen

Online, online at last! You realise how dependent on Internet you have become, when you have to go 2 weeks without in-house internet. Especially when setting up in a new city and trying to find banks, insurance, transport connections etc. Well, now we are online, so I can write a bit about the last 2 weeks.

We got the keys to our new flat on the 30th of October. The flat came furnished but with a minimum of furniture so a trip to Ikea was inevitable. 600 pounds later we have desks and bookcases plus assorted stuff. We have since then been cleaning, building Ikea furniture, opening bank accounts and getting mobile phones.

 The most notable features in the kitchen is probably the old stove and the carpet. The same carpet is found in the rest of the flat, including the bathroom. I think you have to be british to understand why anybody would put carpet in a bathroom, let alone a kitchen. 

Ignoring the yellow walls and carpet, the living room is actually quite nice. Its pretty big so we can fit my desk in there. Practical, as we also use my iMac as a TV. Notice how we, after only 2 weeks, already have 9 bottles of wine in a wine rack and a number of books 

The guest bedroom is also fairly big, so Anna Mie has set up office in there. She will be working from home mostly, so its nice to have a prober office. We also have an extra madras, besides the bed in the guest room, so do please come and visit!

The bathroom again have nice, nice carpet. And lovely colours all around…You will notice that there is no shower curtain, nor any sort of waterproofing on the walls. This is however not a problem as the shower only has enough water pressure to work when you are sitting down in the bath. Hence the little stool in the bath tub. Our letting agency has promised to fix this with a new water pump soon. which we are very much looking forward to.

All in all, though, we are quite happy with the flat. It is spacious and in a good neighborhood with parks, restaurants and shopping nearby. And the weekly Blues dancing night in Edinburgh is held at a hotel 50 meters from our front door. The Weekly Lindy Hop dance is a 5 minute walk away. So if you are a dancer, come to Edinburgh and hang out with us