Kirstine & Martins wedding / by Søren Bjørn-Andersen

Photography is only a hobby for me, but I do occasionally get asked to do various photo "jobs".  "Jobs" in the sense that I don't usually get paid :)

This August I had the great honour of shooting the wedding of 2 of my very good friends, Kirstine & Martin while also attending as a guest.

I recently sold all my Canon gear so all I had was my Fujifilm X100s with the wide - and the tele-converter. I also brought a bunch of "supporting" gear such as speedlights,  tripods and reflectors. Kirstine owns another small Fuji camera, which would be my backup in case my own died.

I have shot a few weddings before and assisted a friend who is a very skilled wedding photographer. Still, weddings are always very daunting.

For the actual ceremony and the wedding portraits, I ended up using just the X100s without any converters and a reflector held by whoever wasn't getting their photo taken.

During the evening I added the teleconverter to get a bit closer to whoever was speaking. I was attending as a guest during the dinner, so mainly shot from around where I was sitting.

This ended up being my favourite wedding "job" and proved to me that the Fujifilm X100s is a very capable camera! Not having any real options in terms of focal lenght forces you to think creatively and to move around instead of just being stuck in 1 place with your zoom.

Many of the final photos are JPEG´s with some added processing in Lightroom. For some of the low-light shots I used the RAW/ RAF files as Fuji does some weird things to skin tones at high ISO.